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Startups, Tech, Consulting


Pushing the boundaries in technology and providing sophisticated advice and expertise to clients exposes you to various legal and contractual risks if the unforeseen happens.

Companies we can help

Enterprise solutions, integration or services 

Consumer, entertainment &
e-commerce platforms

Companies that provide development or integration services, provide software or manpower to clients.

Consumer technology companies such as in the gaming, edtech, e-commerce, entertainment or media space.

Deep tech, blockchain & metaverse 

Management, design & ESG consultants

Companies in the cutting edge of robotics, IoT, blockchain and metaverse infrastructure.

Management and business consultants, UX and UI designers, marketing, SEO, HR consultants and ESG advisors.

Essential coverages needed

Public and/or Product Liability 

To protect from claims of bodily injury or property damage as a result of the company's products or services.

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