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Finance, Fintech, Funds

From regulatory, contractual, cyber or legal risks, firms in the finance area need to review their insurance carefully as they are under more scrutiny from regulators and their clients.

Companies we can help

Payment processors, E-wallets & related infrastructure

E-wallets, BNPL, payment processors & gateways, invoice management, e-commerce integrators and underlying API fintechs.

Corporate finance, advisory & trustees

Regulated CMS, trustee or FA licence holders.

Robo-advisory, digital exchange & lending platforms

Platforms dealing in commodities, equity, debt, property, funds, or digital assets and securities tokens. 

Family offices, fund & asset managers

Venture capitalists, private equity, family offices, external asset managers, hedge funds and REITs .

Essential coverages needed


To protect the company from the loss of funds costs due to a crime event.

Fund Manager Insurance

A combination of all policies designed specifically for fund, VC/PE or external asset managers.

Fintech & Financial Institution Insurance

A combination of all policies designed specifically for fintechs and regulated financial entities.

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