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Medtech, Allied Heath, Wellness

The highly personal and sensitive nature of this industry means any small unforeseen error will quickly result in high amounts of liabilities and regulatory issues across different kinds of insurance.

Companies we can help

Digital health, AI & diagnostics platforms

Devices, medication & products

Telemedicine, AI, patient diagnostics and online dispensary platforms.

Companies selling medical devices, wearables, pharmaceutical products, supplements, maternity, adult or childcare products.

Wellness, alternative & allied health services

Companies offering TCM, naturopathy, physiotherapy, counselling and other therapies. 

Essential coverages needed

Medical Malpractice

Protects healthcare professionals to defend claims of bodily injury or property damage due to alleged negligence in their work.

Product Liability

To protect from claims of bodily injury or property damage as a result of the company's products.

Clinical Trial

To protect the company from liability claims whilst trialling new medical treatments or technologies.

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