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Protect your startup

Essential insurance for startups in coworking spaces.


Coworking Startup Insurance

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Any startup using coworking space could be responsible to pay for property damages and injuries caused by them to others (think about the odd office party getting slightly out of hand).

A startup's biggest physical asset is their laptops. And because of always being on the go, there is the risk of accidental damage happening anywhere.

This unique coworking insurance proposition provides the essential cover for startups to fulfil their obligations as employers, tenants, and protects their valuable assets whilst on the move.

Work Injury

WICA insurance is mandatory for all staff earning up to S$2,600 per month in Singapore. Recommended for all staff. Covers the medical expenses and medical leave wages for all work-related injuries or diseases.

Tenant Liability

Liability insurance to cover the liabilities of the startup for the damage to the rented coworking space. Included in the T&Cs of most coworking agreements.

Laptop Damage

Get your work laptops covered for accidental damage (including water damage) when working from home, at the office or anywhere in Singapore.

Key policy benefits


All risk coverage for office contents


Accidental damage for work laptops


Public liability


Daily cash payout if the coworking space cannot be accessed because of a closure order of the government due to an infectious disease (excl. Covid-19) occurring at the coworking space


Up to 6 months rental payment in case coworking space is unfit for occupation as a result of property damage


Work Injury Compensation

Please refer to the policy terms and conditions for further information on coverage and policy conditions.


Download the full policy wording here

Underwritten by AXA Insurance Pte Ltd:

AXA is one of the world's leading insurance companies. They provide innovative insurance solutions for both personal and business needs.

Associated Insurance Brokers is the broker of choice for over 1,000 SME clients in Singapore and across Asia. They are on a mission to help SMEs and startups who face complex risks, get affordable insurance against the unforeseen, the unpredictable and the unthinkable.

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