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Protect your business when customers claim your professional work or services caused them financial losses


Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance protects your company from lawsuits of negligence, common mistakes and omissions as a result of delivering your professional services.

Who needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

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Any startup that sells tech services or provides advice.

Any company that provides consulting services.

Fitness instructors, personal trainers, or any other type of trainers that provide fitness advice.

Reduce risk

Technology innovation moves faster than regulation so it is sometimes not clear who is liable when things go wrong. Tech startups have a higher exposure for PI risks.

Enable growth

When you get contracts with large clients, especially those that have a presence in the US, Europe or Australia, they often require you to take out PI coverage.

Protect cashflow

You dont want to be left out of pocket to pay the legal costs to defend your claim, let alone be financially crippled by the lawsuit.

What you can expect from a PI policy

Typical policy benefits


Defence cost and related legal expenses

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Cost and expenses for official investigation and enquiries


PR expenses  


Coverage to extend to consultants, subcontractors and agents


Civil fines or penalties


Lost data

Typical policy exclusions

Any criminal or deliberate act by the insured

Bodily injury and property damage unless it is a direct result of the insured’s conduct of business

Ongoing litigation before policy inception

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