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Protect your business when cyber incidents happen

Essential cyber incident response services packaged together with best-in-class insurance to help your business effectively deal with the cyber attack and recover quickly.

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Cyber incidents are painful

It can be stressful when you get hit with a cyber attack. Not to mention many costs are involved, including forensic, cyber extortion, data restoration, notification and public relations costs. 

And if you fail to keep third party data secure, you can potentially be faced with legal defence costs, fines, penalties and investigations.

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The typical cost of a cyber incident to a startup in Southeast Asia exceeds $300k and has increased by over 45% in the last five years


Human factor accounts for 55% of the cyber breaches, making it nearly impossible to prevent through cyber security alone


6x increase in phishing attacks over the last year, more than doubling during the period of everyone working from home

Protection solution that works

Policy coverage limits of S$500,000, S$1,000,000 and S$2,000,000

Key policy benefits

1. Coverage to respond to breaches and attacks

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Incident response services 


Forensic investigation


Data restoration


Cyber extortion costs


Legal representation costs


PR crisis management


Customer and regulator notification

2. Protection if you fail to keep third party data secure


Legal defence costs


Investigation costs


Fines and penalties

3. Recovery for loss of profits due to a cyber incident


Business interruption due to malicious attacks, unauthorised access, damage to data or programs, system outage, network interruption or degradation of network

4. Protection in the event of social engineering, phishing, phreaking and cyber fraud


In the event of deception to manipulate individuals to disclose confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes

Sub-limit of S$75,000

Key policy exclusions

Deliberate acts by the insured

Fraud and dishonesty

Costs arising from upgrading of applications, systems or network

Losses arising from failure or outage of power, utility services or telecommunications

Download the full policy wording

Prior known facts

Losses arising from cloud and web hosting service providers

Established in 2009, DUAL Asia is an insurance underwriting agency committed to delivering innovative insurance solutions in the financial lines area.

MSIG Singapore, a member of the MS&AD Insurance Group has partnered with DUAL to provide specialised insurance solutions for the financial lines area.

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