Protect your business when cyber incidents happen

Essential cyber incident response services packaged together with best-in-class insurance to help your business effectively deal with the cyber attack and recover quickly.

Cyber incidents are painful

From immediate response costs to loss of revenue and regulatory fines, cyber incidents are costly affairs that most startups and small businesses encounter


The typical cost of a cyber incident to a startup in Southeast Asia exceeds $300k and has increased by over 45% in the last five years


Human factor accounts for 55% of the cyber breaches, making it nearly impossible to prevent through cyber security alone


6x increase in phishing attacks over the last year, more than doubling during the period of everyone working from home

What you can expect from a cyber policy

Essential services

Incident response services

PR crisis management

Forensic investigation

Value-added coverages

Business interruption

Customer and regulator notification

Third party liability

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