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Major unexpected costs are painful setbacks for businesses

1 in 2 small businesses will get a cyber incident this year, costing on average $300K 

380 Singapore startups will get a legal lawsuit this year, costing on average $200K 


The ABC's of startup insurance

Action against management

Directors and Officers (D&O) is the most basic protection for your personal assets against the claims of negligence for both founders and investors joining boards. 

Breach of cyber security

Cyber insurance covers incident response to "stop the bleeding", perform data forensics, manage the PR crisis, and notify customers and the regulator. 

Customer lawsuit

Professional Indemnity (PI) protects tech businesses against both the litigation costs as well as settlement against the failure to perform the services or provide advice.


Protect against major unexpected costs


Meet requirements from regulators and customers


Reduce risks and focus on growing your business

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"Insurance can be a pain to stay on top of. However Anapi supports our restaurant partners by enabling them to keep track of their policies to ensure they are well protected.


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"I can’t say enough about my experience with Anapi and their team and how they have made our lives a lot easier. Anapi has been my secret weapon to manage all our company’s insurance policies online. With their platform, it has made it easily accessible and helps to keep track of our company’s insurance renewal dates, coverages and policy documents.

And VCs

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"Anapi's platform helps our companies not only obtain quotations and close policies, but also provides us with insights through its powerful dashboard. By digitising the entire process, Anapi has successfully allowed us to keep track of our growing portfolio of 15+ and ensure we maintain a high level of corporate governance throughout. Our team is very satisfied and will continue to use and recommend Anapi.


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