Protect yourself from costly lawsuits

Directors and Officers (D&O) is the essential protection solution for investors and startup founders.


Directors and Officers (D&O) Solution

Any company or startup that has raised capital or has a board should be protecting management from lawsuits. These could result from actions or decisions of the management or board members.


Reduce risk

Personal assets are at risk if you are sued over a decision you made on the company's behalf. The typical cost of a lawsuit to a startup in Southeast Asia exceeds $200k. 

Attract the best

Competition to attract the best leaders is fierce. With the protection of D&O, it enables leaders to take the risks necessary to grow the business without having to worry about unexpected lawsuits.

Protection solution that works

Policy coverage limits of S$500,000, S$1,000,000 and S$2,000,000

Key policy benefits


Defence cost and related legal expenses

Artboard 1.png

Cost and expenses for official investigation and enquiries


Crisis containment and PR expenses  (sub limit S$250,000)

health and safety.png

Occupational health and safety defence costs (sub-limit 20%)


Employment practices liability (sub limit 20% of policy limit)


Crime cover

(sub limit S$100,000)

Deductibles: S$5,000  (S$10,000 for employment practices liability and crime related claims)
*A deductible is the amount you pay on a claim before your insurance kicks in

Key policy exclusions

Any criminal act by an insured incl. fraudulent and dishonest acts

Breach of professional duty (requires Professional Indemnity policy)

Ongoing litigation before policy inception

Bodily injury and property damage

Jurisdiction worldwide  excl. USA and Canada

Communicable diseases exclusion

Discovery period exclusion

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